Leslie Beck

Born in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, Leslie spent her young life in the perfect little neighborhood of Brookside. She spent her days living out her family’s Catholic roots attending local Catholic schools, eager to learn all about her faith and loving the days she had art class best. 

Leslie is a graduate from the University of Kansas earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. While she went on to create award winning designs for her clients, there was always a little voice inside who still was not content with this path. In 2014 she started a business with a fellow designer that celebrated locality and the love of home. Together they created handmade goods for the home and quickly became a recognized brand throughout Kansas City and was beginning to expand across the country. After a major life event, Leslie sold her half of the business to her partner and now after 20+ years of designing for others, she feels she has been blessed with the opportunity to pursue the perfect balance of a creative life and the life of an involved mom toF I V Eof the most incredible blessings she could have ever dreamed possible and loving wife to her high school sweetheart, Andrew.


As I have prepared, for YEARS now, to embark on this journey to answer my calling, I believe there is more to it than just sharing my work. I’ve wanted to be in a place where my creativity was more than just my feelings...on canvas or type on a page. I have always known that it needed to be something that was for others FIRST and I am finally here! I am overflowing with gratitude for this opportunity to do what I love while supporting amazing causes. 

I am continuing this mission into 2019 with HALO. If you know me, you know that my family is my center. They are my reason behind everything I do. Showing my kids that they deserve unconditional love is #1. EVERY SINGLE CHILD deserves this. Unfortunately in our world many do not receive it. HALO’s mission to provide a home, a FAMILY to as many homeless children as possible. HALO believes that “a little love goes a long way in helping kids come back from the edges of their community, so they can someday play a role in shaping it”. 15% of all proceeds in 2019 will be donated to HALO, to help them in thier mission. Learn more about HALO at